Seal, waterproof and dust proof concrete and masonry surfaces.


Bescon Industries Staseal WB Clear is an environmentally safe acrylic water based solution for sealing, waterproofing and dust proofing concrete and masonry surfaces. A benefit of this product is that it does not have a strong odor typical of other solvent based acrylic concrete sealers.

It provides excellent coverage at approximately 8 square metres per 1 litre of product.

It Is Ideal For

  • Light traffic areas.
  • Patios
  • Alfrescos
  • House slabs


  • Suitable for new or old concrete.
  • Water- and dust-proofs concrete.
  • No solvent fumes.
  • Strong adhesion and durability.
  • Leaves a natural sheen finish.
  • Resists petrol, oil, acids and alkalis.

Additional information

Weight0.0000 kg

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean and free of dust, grease, oil and other contamination.

  • Remove Grease And Oil Stains: wet area with hot water then apply Bescon Cleanall scrub with a broom on and around area for a min of 5 minutes, keep moist at all times, DO NOT allow to dry, then rinse off. Repeat if necessary.
  • Remove Tyre Marks: use Bescon Markz Off as per application guidelines.
  • Remove Moss Or Fungus:¬†dilute Clean Crete 1 to 10 parts water in a watering can, apply over the surface and allow to penetrate for a minimum of 2 hours. Rinse off using a high pressure water blast, repeat if necessary.

Prior to sealing, acid etching is highly recommended, to enable greater penetration of the sealer.

DO NOT acid etch previously sealed surfaces.

  • Acid Etching:wet concrete down prior to acid etching. Mix 1 part hydrochloric acid to 15 parts water into a watering can, apply evenly over the surface of the concrete. Do NOT allow the acid to dry. Thoroughly rinse off the surface to remove the acid solution. Allow to dry completely prior to sealing.

Application Guide

Ensure the surface temperature is above 10C and below 30C. Apply first and second coat evenly (without pooling).

  • Unsealed Surfaces
  • Textured Finished Surfaces:¬† first coat and second coat apply undiluted.

Smooth finished surfaces: dilute first coat with 2 litres water to 20 litres StaSeal WB to allow maximum penetration. Allow 24 hours before applying second coat stir thoroughly.