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Colored concrete is a highly practical and economical way of matching your concrete surfaces to the look of your home.

Concrete sealers can introduce an exciting range of colours to your home, offering a fresh look to your driveway, pathways or alfresco dining area. With a small selection of tools and accessories, you can get the look you want for a fraction of the price you would expect.

An alternative option on freshly laid concrete is colour hardener. This can be troweled onto freshly-laid concrete, achieving a strong and even colour whilst strengthening your surface from chips and scratches. Adding a stencil or stamped pattern can further enhance the look of your concrete.

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Concrete Sealer Inspiration


Stencil patterns concrete is a practical option where colours and patterns are directly applied to freshly-laid concrete. Allowing you to create the right look for your home, stencil patterns can rejuvenate any concrete surface.

Stencils offer an attractive and striking look – with optional borders or feature styles available to further enhance their appearance.

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Concrete Stencil Driveway Path


Stamp impression mats create stunning results in recreating the distinctive appearance of slate, stone, tiles or timber in your concrete. Simply stamping the impression matting onto your freshly-laid concrete, along with adding colour, can create a visually attractive centerpiece to your home.

Available for hire or purchase from our retail partners, our range of classic and contemporary patterns can create the look you want.

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Stamped Impression Concrete