The Real Seal

It’s time for us to tell you the real seal, we mean, deal on concrete sealer. We help thousands of callers Australia-wide via our product support line every year asking about our sealer range and how to best use them for concrete projects. And we can tell you this… no two concreting environments and situations are ever the same. We’ve collated a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from our callers.

What is the best temperature to apply my sealer to concrete?

It is best to apply sealers when the temperature is under 25 degrees. Sealing early in the morning or late in the day is not recommended due to early morning dew and night condensations. Sealer affected by moisture will lose gloss, adhesion and could have a white blooming appearance.

Do I just put my concrete sealer on straight up?

Whilst individual circumstances will vary, we very rarely advise our customers to apply their sealers directly to concrete. The addition of a thinner such as Bescon Solulene is highly advised.

I can buy cheap sealers online. Aren’t all concrete sealers the same?

Far from it! Just like buying a lukewarm pie from the local servo and then going to have a chef-prepared meal at your favourite restaurant, you’ll find a huge difference.

The qualities of each sealer is different, and there is a reason why these sealers may be so cheap:

  • Coverage – whilst the sealer may be cheap, how much surface area does it cover? Quite often it falls far short of the 6 to 7 square meters that many Bescon products offer.
  • Long lasting results – whilst our sealers offer a premium quality finish that may last for up to 7 years, these cheaper alternatives may only last for a fraction of this time.
  • Support – you’ll be supported with the advice you need to get started.
  • Product know-how – all our sealers by a product developed by concreters by concreters.
  • Colour selection – how many times have you purchased a product online and its not exactly what you wanted? When you deal with Bescon sealers, it’s exactly as advertised. There’ll be no surprises.