Available in a 20 litre pail.


Bescon Sealer Strippa is a methylene chloride based heavy duty paint and sealer stripper. It is formulated to strip old concrete sealer, enamel, varnish and lacquer from concrete, wood and metal.

Available in a 20 litre pail, it offers a coverage of approximately 4 square meters per litre, which may vary according to thickness of coating.



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Weight20 kg

Application Guidelines

Surface must be completely clean and dry prior to applying. Mask up any fences, walls, and posts etc. using plastic to prevent damage. It may also be necessary to mask any garden plants to prevent accidental damage during the pressure washing process.

Prior to opening and applying Bescon Sealer Strippa: read notes on safety and advice for additional information please refer to the product SDS.

Apply liberally at the lowest point which will leave higher areas dry after water blasting. Working on 10 to 15 sq mtrs at one time. Apply with a broom a thick coating of the solution onto the surface to be stripped. Do not apply a thin coat as this will not be enough to strip the sealer. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes to penetrate.

Scrub the surface with a stiff broom to emulsify the sealer. Scrape off excess before water blasting. Do not allow the surface to dry before water blasting. Water blast the surface thoroughly.

If any thick white or coloured sealer residue remains scrub with a stiff broom then water blast a second time. Remove all old sealer and the sealer stripper. If the area is to be re-sealed follow application guidelines for sealing of unsealed surfaces.