Provides a two tone effect for concrete, working alongside slate impression mats.

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Concrete release agents eliminate the surface of your concrete adhering to slate mats.

It is designed to break any bonds made between the slate mat mould and freshly placed concrete without affecting your impression work. Each release agent pail provides a coverage of 12 square metres per kilo.

All pails contain 8 kg of release agent, other than our clear product, which contains 10 kg.

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Colour Options

Beige, Black, Bluestone, Burgundy, Clear, Dark Brown, Neutral, Nutmeg, Terracotta, Vintage Red

Application Guide

Prior to application, ensure walls, and surrounding areas are covered to avoid the risk of staining.

After Bescon StaTop surface hardener has been applied and trowelled, apply Bescon Release Agent. As the Release Agent may have settled in the pail, it is advisable to aerate by hand prior to use. Apply the Release Agent evenly over the surface using the broadcast method. Place mats and use a tamper for an even imprint. Leave concrete to cure 2 to 3 days, before pressure washing.

Seep or vacuum excess release agent then use a pressure washer to remove as much Release Agent as you wish, remembering to use even pressure and that the higher the pressure the more Release Agent will be removed. The objective is to leave on enough Release Agent to create a two / three tone effect. While the concrete is still wet it is advisable to acid etch the surface of the concrete to enable greater penetration of the sealer.

Acid Etching: ensure concrete is wet, Mix 1 part hydrochloric acid to 15 parts of water a plastic watering can, then apply to the surface of the concrete. Do NOT allow the surface to dry. Wash off immediately and thoroughly using a hose or a light pressure wash. For environmental reasons, it is advisable to apply a neutralizing agent (soda ash) prior to hosing off the acid solution.

Once concrete is completely dry, apply StaSeal Premium concrete sealer as per application guidelines to enhance the colour and protect the surface.