Avoiding The Slippery Slide

Concrete Sealer Steep Driveway 2

There’s nothing worse than seeing one of your family members, colleagues or customers slip over on your concrete just like they’ve stepped on a banana peel. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you are opening your business or yourself up to potential workcover claims, litigation and unending embarrassment with a failure in duty to provide a safe environment.

Help is at hand! Bescon’s Anti-Slip additive is a game-changer. These tiny granules of goodness provide excellent slip resistance under both wet and dry conditions. They are helpful on smooth finish concrete surfaces, steep and sloping driveways, pool surrounds, loading bays, stairs, access ramps, and much more.

Almost invisible in most clear and coloured concrete sealers, adding it as your sealer is applied is a reassuring step in improving safety.

Working with Bescon Anti-Slip is easy. Add 300 or 600 grams of Anti-Slip per 20 litres of Bescon Staseal concrete sealer to the final coat. Stir the sealer slowly, while adding the Anti-Slip into the sealer. Stirring it thoroughly ensures no lumps and a uniform distribution, and as you are using it, stir it frequently for an even coverage. A white powder may appear on the surface, this will almost become invisible in minutes.

Available from your nearest store, Bescon Anti-Slip improves safety conditions in all environments.